Apple Discontinues The Beats Pill+ Speaker

A quick farewell to the speaker, marking the end of an era as Apple discontinued it's only speaker that it sold.

Apple Beats Pill+ Speaker
Beats Pill+ originally released in October 2015

Apple appears to have officially discontinued the Beats Pill+ portable Bluetooth speaker that was first announced in October 2015.

The speaker was actually the first totally new product to come from Apple under the Beats brand following its $3 billion acquisition of the company in 2014. The product has now been discontinued without a clear replacement.

The Beats Pill+ originally retailed for $229, but more recently Apple sold it in-store and online for $179.95. The speaker is still available from select third-party retailers, but it has been completely scrubbed from the Beats and Apple websites.

The Beats Pill+ featured a Lightning port for charging and deep integration with the Beats application for iOS and Android. At the time, reviewers described it as a “solid portable speaker and a better product than the Beats Pill 2.0 that it replaces.”

While Apple has introduced new Beats headphones and earbuds at a rapid pace over the years, the same can’t be said when it comes to standalone speakers. This is a further push by Apple to drive sales towards it's HomePod mini sales.