Apple Planning Multiple Events in September?

According to a new paywalled report from Digitimes, and then reported by MacRumours, Apple has multiple events scheduled for... September.

Apple Event Logo
With a slew of new products to announce this fall, it's no surprise we're hearing of upcoming events

Unlike last year, where Apple held three online pre-recorded events announcing new products, today’s Digitimes report claims that Apple will instead “host a series of product launch conferences in September,” enabling multiple product releases into the same month.

Over the fall we're expecting to see the following products announced:

  • iPhone 13 lineup

  • Apple Watch Series 7

  • AirPods 3

  • iPad mini 6

  • iPad 9

  • MacBook Pro

The new report from Digitimes is surprising, as if Apple were going to release these products, surely they would just do it in one big event?

Arranging a huge event would be far easier for Apple and the press - having multiple smaller events could be a total nightmare for Apple.

While it is unlikely for multiple events to be held across September, it is more likely for one large (possibly in-person) event to be held, or an iPhone with Apple Watch event with a preceding event Launching the new MacBooks and iPads.