First Real Life Images Of Apple Watch Series 7 Leaked.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Today we got our first leaked real-life pictures released of the brand new Apple Watch series 7 coming later this year.

The photos show a brand new re-designed look - with a more squared off style. The watch editions shown appear to be the white ceramic edition. Not only will the Apple watch series 7 be getting a physical redesign, but the internals will also be getting an upgrade. Apple is predicted to be adding a faster processor, improved wireless connectivity and an updated screen, according to people with knowledge of the plans.

For this year’s model, Apple has also tested thinner display borders and a new lamination technique that brings the display closer to the front cover, making the display even crisper and more vibrant. The new Watch is likely to be slightly thicker overall, but not in a way that’s noticeable to the user.

The model will include updated ultra-wideband functionality; the same underlying technology in the Apple AirTag item finder. At its developer conference in early June, Apple previewed the upcoming watchOS 8 software update that will let the device unlock door and hotel rooms, bringing even more functionality to the watch.

Blood sugar monitoring has been long in the works at Apple and would be a feature thus far unrivaled by competitors. Apple and others currently rely on apps that let users input their glucose levels manually, while medical device companies like Dexcom offer blood sugar monitors that share data with the Apple Watch. Users typically need to prick their finger to draw blood for an accurate glucose test, but Apple is aiming for a non-invasive solution that can analyse blood through the skin. It is unclear if this feature will be making its way to the Apple Watch Series 7.

The photos of the watch were originally leaked by well-known leaker LoveToDream via twitter.

What the box for the Apple Watch Series 7 could look like

The pictures also show the watch being in an all-new box design. In previous years, the box had been long and thin, however this year it looks like we will be getting a flat box style like the original Apple Watch.

The new watch is predicted to be releasing later this year. Follow us for more updates.