Three New iPads Coming In 2022.

In his leak-filled podcast, Mark Gurman delved into Apple's plans for iPad in 2022 and uncovered that Apple is planning updates to all but one of their iPad models in 2022, according, via Power On.

A grey and white Apple iPad Pro
The new iPads will bring a refresh to some of the older iPads in Apple's iPad Lineup

With the iPad Pro (2022) range still close in the rear-view mirror, it should come as no surprise that Apple has yet to announce a release date for the next-gen tablet range.

With that being said, what we can do is look at previous releases to get an idea of when to expect the new iPad Pro range to appear and what new features are expected to surface.

  • Glass rear for wireless charging

  • Reverse wireless charging

  • Refreshed design for older iPad models

  • M2/M Max/pro chipset coming to the iPad Pros? Or returning to the A-Chip series

As with all rumours however, only time will tell what is coming later in the year.