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Frequently asked questions

What are the profiles on this website?

Profiles on this site are developer beta profiles for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, and audioOS. These profiles will get you early updates and new features but of course, will be less stable. Please ensure that you make a backup of all your data before updating to a beta version.

Where did you get these profiles?

Directly from the Apple Developer Center.

How do I know these are real and safe?

These profiles are created by Apple. You can check this in "Install Profile" step within the Settings app, (under Settings > General > Profiles). make sure the " Signed by" line shows a green " Verified ✓". When you tap " More Detail", you will see Apple certificates. You should ONLY install this profile when you see these credentials, other websites may fake this to trick you into installing malicious profiles. All profiles are downloded directly from Apple's server from this website, ensuring that they are safe and malware free.

Can I download these profiles directly from Apple?

Yes, of course. These profiles can be downloaded directly from Apple through Apple Developer Center website, however this requires a paid developer account to access these profiles; we are giving you access to the profiles for free. The public beta profiles can be downloaded through the Apple Beta Software Program website. A valid Apple ID is required to download.

Can I delete the profiles once I have installed them?

Yes, you can completely delete these profiles from your device, see Apple's guide on their support page.

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